The road to enlightenment. . . .

. . . is more enlightening on a motorcycle

Ave. of the Giants photo

We're not always in the Monterey Bay area. This is the Avenue of the Giants

Discover the miles of delightful (and enlightening) motorcycle riding in our backyard: the Monterey Bay area of Coastal California

Join us on Saturday, Oct 25 and take a subterranean journey to the Mediterranean--in the Central Valley! as Ron Aikins leads us on a (perhaps overnight) ride to the Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno.

Details are on the Rides page.

Right now is the best time of year for riding a motorcycle in our stunningly beautiful area... Get on yer bike, mate, and join us for a ride or for breakfast.

The January/February 2014 edition of the club newsletter, The Monterey Bay Watch, was the last one(!!)... that is unless someone wants to take it over.
Meanwhile, a big thanks to editor Ron Aikins (and Dale Whyte before him) and to all of the regular and irregular contributors for keeping it going as long as they did. Anyone feel like taking it over?

The club mailing list and this website will be taking over for the newsletter for the time being. Got club-related news to share? Send it to the mailing list!

At the club meeting on Saturday, Feb. 15 (Thanks to the Ruedis for hosting the event!) we filled in a few blanks on the ride calendar. We're still looking for leaders. Lead a ride!