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The MBBR newsletter is on-line (starting with the April, 2006 issue)

Monterey Bay Watch, the newsletter of the Monterey Bay BMW Riders.

       Date     Highlights
 January '14 The last newsletter(!?) – for awhile at least: Jay and Ron say their editorial goodbys; Jim leaves the nursing home for Lodi and lives to regret it. (800 KBytes)
 December '13 Jay reflects on the turning of the sideral odometer, Jim spreads the gnus from the nursing home, Ron announces his retirement as news letter editor, and there are photos from the holiday lunch at Props. (800 KBytes)
 November '13 Jay looks back at the ever-diminishing International Motorcycle Show; Monroe offers up a heartfelt "Thank you" from Nicaragua; Jim emerges from the nursing home to explore the long and winding road to Las Vegas (2.7 MByte)
 October '13 Fall continues to occupy Jay's thoughts, Ron reports on Dick's SLO ride (.7 MByte)
 September '13 Jay notes the changing of the seasons, Roger "Franz Kafka" Vandevert wraps up his tale of derailed justice, and Monroe is photographed shoving booty into the boot. (.7 MByte)
 August '13 Jay gets into relativity, Ron finally gets to Alice's, and Roger sheds light on his criminal career (Part 1). (2.4 MByte)
 July '13 Jay throws a leg over the wayback machine, Ron recounts decisions made and routes taken, Jim leaves the Nursing Home to participate in a pointless pedagogical excursion, Sally recounts a rally. (0.9 MByte)
 June '13 This month's theme: Sudden impact. This month's lesson: Be careful, be alert, be prepared, be lucky. (0.9 MByte)
 May '13 Jay has the Rx for the stress of living a lavish middle-class lifestyle; photos from Blackhawk. (4.5 MByte)
 April '13 Jay talks about keeping track; Ron hangs around at Moffett Field. (7 MByte)
 March '13 Prez. Jay candidly discusses a chronic condition, ex-Veep Ron writes up the ride to Greenfield, and there are plenty of photos. (7 MByte)
 February '13 Prez Jay explains why greater than 1 (motorcycle) is a rational number and Veep Ron reports on the annual club meeting. (1.6 MByte)
 January '13 In this issue: Prez Jay ponders life after the end of the world, Veep Ron finds there are still discoveries to be made in his (extended) backyard, and Moto Correspondent James K. goes bike spotting. (4.6 MByte)
 December '12 In this issue: Jay has the feeling he's been here before, club photographer James K. presents some of his favorite things, and we've got some photos from the club party. (Thank you Dennis and Irma Ines!) (5 MByte)
 November '12 In this issue: Jay notes that time passes, we see some photos of the unusual suspects, we get invited to the club's holiday party, and James K. finds an unembarassing way to trailer his bike. (8 MByte)
 October '12 In this issue: Jay (briefly) bats from the opposite side, Neil recounts an inspiring and interesting day at the races, and we learn that the Dam Fine Ride was just that. (4 MByte)
 September '12 In this issue, the Prez peregrinates, the Veep displays his apostasy for all to see, folks visit Alice's, and interesting Stuff is offered up for sale. (4 MByte)
 August '12 The Prez puts on his moto-journalist's hat; the Veep utters heresy from Holister; the Nursing Home regards the AMA, the AMA is found wanting; and the Grand Exalted Ruler & the First Lady have a successful elk hunt in eastern Kentucky. (6 MByte)
 July '12 Jay gives his version of how the ride went, Jim leaves the nursing home to practice some pillion pedagogy, Roger senses a police presence, and James takes a pass (or two) at the high country (6 MByte)
 June '12 (4.5MByte)
 May '12 Prez Jay rallies the troops, James wanders out east of Eden, and Jim fights the tendency to mature as he ages. (4.5MByte)
 April '12 It's Spring and our Prez's thoughts turn to Brit Iron and Ann-Margret; Jim sends photos from Alice's; Tom tours Pacific County (WA); Veep Ron gets wet and expands his knowledge of Colma; and Jim plumbs the depth of motorcyles on television and finds there isn't any. (6.5MByte)
 March '12 (6.5MByte)
 February '12 (5MByte)
 January '12 With a new editor at the helm, this month's issue of the club newsletter sports a minty-fresh look along with +Articles from three presidents (once, future, and emeritus/vice) +Photos!, photos!, photos! +Three(!) ride reports: Parkfield, Pigeon Point, and--from the nursing home--thoughts of Billy Jean occupying the mind on the way to Alice's for burgers (3.4 MByte)
 November '11 Neil compliments Dick Dodd on 0.5 megamiles in the (BMW) saddle; the discourse from the Nursing Home is stony; and T. Brazier, esq., recounts the Full Bladder ride. (3.4 MByte)
 October '11 Neil exults in the road surface and talks Dennis into getting a trim, the word from the Nursing Home this month is "Slimey", and the club's logo sports a subtle change. (2.6 MByte)
 September '11 Jim suggests that our political representatives could benefit from some rehab, you can see some smiling faces from the clubs summer BBQ at the Lawtons', and NorCal invites us to join them at breakfast. (1.7 MByte)
 August '11 Neil suggests Bonneville will be the place to be this month, Ron recounts the high spots of San Benito County, details about the club's upcoming BBQ, and Jim sticks it to the Man from the confines of the nursing home. (1.3 MByte)
 July '11 We remember Bob Wilson, Prez Neal hits some inland high spots, Jay recounts the May ride, and James goes looking for lunch in all the wrong places. (1.5 MByte)
 June '11 Some photos, we welcome a new sponsor (Hello and thanks! to San Jose BMW), and James waxes lyrical. (1.5 MByte)
 May '11 Neil gets frosty, James gets heavy, and Ron get rural. (1.2 MByte)
  April '11 Prez Niel says, Be careful out there or it'll cost ya; James manages to work Danny Devito and Pongo pygmaeus into an article on the Singles Scene. (750 KByte)
  March '11 Niel mourns the loss of the Highway 50 Shoe Tree, James channels Norman Vincent Peal from the nursing home, and we give you the opportunity of getting a nametag with Niel's name on it...or, perhaps, your own name. (500 KByte)
  February '11 Words from newly-minted prez, Niel; ruminations on misbehaving terrestrial cephalopods from the Nursing Home. (1 MByte)
 January '11 New Year's resolutions from the departing prez, near-death experiences from the nursing home, and the election results for 2011. (1.1MBytes)
 December '10 Memories of the late Kari Prager, club officers ballot, and more murmurs from the nursing home . (950KBytes)
 November '10 Prez. Jay muses on civics and the season, the annual club officers nomination ballot is here, an invitation to the holiday party, Ted Porter's Beemer Shop has a new location, and there's some buzzing from the nursing home . (670KBytes)
 October '10 Prez. Jay has a long list of ways to enjoy the beginning of autumn, Ricardo's ride is listed, and photos from the September ride.) (1.9Mb)
 August–September '10 Jay fires up the time machine, photos from rides to Baja Cantina and Fallon, NV, and Jim discusses geriatric motorcycle maintenance (hint: it's not the bike that's old.) (900K)
 June '10 Jay is feeling conflicted and decides to share; Lee Stillman's memorial service notice; upcoming rides. (900 Kb)
 May '10 Jay continues his spring theme and Tim reports on his ride to Livermore by way of Mt. Hamilton. Plus the May ride notice and we got Stickers. (1.9 Mbytes)
 April '10 Jay extoles the virtue of Spring, an invitation to help out Margo Thomas, April ride notice with the longest pre-ride description ever published, March ride photos, Veep Tim tells us what he thinks, rally notices, and a bunch o' photos. (2.8 Mbytes)
 March '10 Jay Whyte continues has tales from the past, March ride notice, info on swap meets and first aid courses. (1.9 Mbytes)
 February '10 Past-and-present Prez Jay Whyte reminisces, an expanded calendar of the upcoming year's motorcycle events, and the February ride notice. (2.25 Mbytes)
 Dec 09–Jan 10  Prez. Chuck's farewell address (thanks for the great job, Chuck!), party photos, election results, Feb. club ride info. (750 Kbytes)
 November 09  Remembering Lee Stillman, Prez Chuck makes winter preparations (nice tie, Chuck), ballots for club officer nominations, and Jim Martin gives us a ride report. (900 Kbytes)
 October 09  Prez Chuck goes cybershopping and the club goes to Los Banos for Basque food. (900 Kbytes)
 September 09  A prez and ex-prez go to the Russian River, Sunol is visited, and a rogue's gallery of out-of-state rouges is displayed (900 Kbytes)
 August 09  An ad hoc breakfast reunion of veteren club members; Tim writes a well-documented ride report of the club ride to Hunter-Liggett by way of the Chopperstop Deli; and Prez Chuck graces the front page. (1.3 Mbytes)
 July 09  Two(!) ride reports, a ride announcement, a visit to the Mall, an invitation to first aid, and the venue for the first Saturday breakfast. (800Kbytes)
 June 09  Prez Chuck gets metaphysical, Jay reports on the Woolgrowers' ride, the Twain-Harte ride is rehashed, and of course there's some ride and breakfast stuff. (2 Mbytes)
 May 09  James K. gets intimate with a Britten, Jay talks about CPR, and there's some ride and breakfast stuff. (2 Mbytes)
 Apr 09  Prez Chuck suggests some spring rides, March's ride report, 1st Saturday Breakfast locations and 3rd-ish Saturday rides. (3 Mbytes)
 Mar 09  Newly-minted Prez Chuck talks about riding in the rain, breakfast Saturdays become red letter days, and a word from our sponsers, thankyouthankyouverymuch (2 Mbytes)
 Feb 09  Tom tells Tales of the Cheese, Denny reports on the Directors' meeting. (2.7 Mbytes)
 Dec 08/Jan 09  Ron recalls, Denny remarks (1.9 Mbytes)
 October 2008  Past-prez Ron Aikins takes Connie to the Woolgrowers. (1.7 Mbytes)
 September 2008  Denny's prez column, lots of photos of the club BBQ (1.9 Mbytes)
 August 2008  Denny's prez column, details about the upcoming ride to the Wool Growers, Chuck and Denny provide a successful last-minute July club ride, photos of Monterey's Moto Giro Moto Concorso. (1.7 Mbytes)
 June/July 2008  A big issue: Denny's prez column, news of Bob & Sally Wilson's new life in Sedona, Ron describes this year's 'Niner, Venita describes the ride to Pt. Reyes, and the Brazier's generously offer to host our summber BBQ. (3.3 Mbytes!)
 May 2008  Chuck and Denny join Tom and Venita in search of dirt; C&D get their seat rebuilt. (2.6 Mbytes)
 March/April 2008  Tom Brazier finds Bliss, Ron finds Oakhurst. Plus a product review and a plump ride calendar (617 Kbytes)
 February 2008  Denny Adkins takes the reins (and reigns) and issues a breakfast proclamation. (770 Kbytes)
 December 2007  Parkfield, Moro Bay, and the holiday party (921 Kbytes)
 November 2007  A group comprising the ride leaders + one goes to Garberville (723 Kbytes)
 October 2007  One-up, Chuck Adkins takes some folks over Mt. Hamilton (583 Kbytes)
 September 2007  The club staggers to lunch at La Honda (173 Kbytes)
 August 2007  Prez Aikins leads a group to Avila Beach (204 Kbytes)
 June 2007  Ron goes to his umpteenth 49er Rally high-res version (613 Kbytes) broadband
 May 2007  PeeGee's Good Ol' Days (and not much else.) high-res version (265 Kbytes) broadband
 April 2007  The Prez. finds that riding in the rain on a Monday beats going to work. Mike reports on the March ride to Canepa Design and the north coast. high-res version (464 Kbytes) broadband
 March 2007  The Apple Farm. Finally (360 Kbytes)
 February 2007  Ron describes the ride where no one got lost, Tom discusses electricity, the Wilsons find snow in Panoche, and the ride calendar is full. high-res version (325 Kbytes) broadband
 Dec 2006 & Jan 2007  Club party description and photos. high-res version (1 Mbyte!) broadband
 November 2006  Ron catches up with reports on the Tom's Castle Air Museum expedition and Dick's Parkfield jaunt high-res version (639 Kbytes) broadband
 October 2006  Ron goes to Paris, Ricardo goes to Tijuana, upcoming rides and an airhead for sale. high-res version (850 Kbytes) broadband
 September 2006  The Prez. leads a trip down the coast with a stop to get religion and talk about fruitcake; and Ted Porter talks about loose sprockets. high-res version (397 Kbytes) broadband
 August 2006  Three ride reports: Ron's mystery ride to the City of the Dead; Dick Dodd falls in love in Boise; Denny tells of the Russian River Ride that didn't get to the Russian River high-res version (371 Kbytes) broadband
 July 2006  Kinda light-weight issue: Ron Aikins talks about upcoming rides. high-res version (382 Kbytes) broadband
 June 2006  President's column: Ron Aikins revists the 49er. high-res version (371 Kbytes) broadband
 May 2006  President's column: Trout Farm ride and book report. Taking care of your 2002+ ABS high-res version (486 Kbytes) broadband
 April 2006  President's column (by proxy), BBQ in Panoche, Trout Farm dinner ride announcement high-res version (543 Kbytes) broadband

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